Variable speed swimming pool pumps

When it comes to spending money, I’ll admit that I am cheap. So when a sales rep of mine approached me about selling variable speed pool pumps in my store I wasn’t interested. I told him that i would offer them but would not stock them. I explained that my customers would not pay over $1300.00 for a swimming pool pump. And I was correct. that season my store sold a grand total of  ZERO. Even with the sales pitch of saving 30 -90% on electric cost, nobody wanted that initial cost of over $1300.00. This past spring that same sales rep offered me demo pricing on a variable speed pump for my personal inground swimming pool.

Variable speed swimming pool pumps

Reluctantly I took him up on his offer. Man do I feel stupid for not doing this sooner. The pump that I used for the last 6 years would cost around $70-$75 a month to run. My new variable speed pump can be set to run at any RPM, gallons per minute or watt usage I choose. I have an 18×36 inground pool with a 48 sq ft DE filter. By setting my pump to run at 200w, and my cost of electricity at 5.2cents a KW, it costs around 25cents a day to run my pool. That’s under 8 dollars a month! When I vacuum the pool I increase the power to the pumps full 3hp and when done I decrease the power down to 200w.

I never thought that it would be worth it to spend 3 times as much on a variable speed pump than on a normal pool pump, but it is. this year I sold 7 variable speed pumps and my customers couldn’t be happier. I didn’t believe in this product which is why I didn’t (couldn’t) sell it. I am a believer now and so are my customers. In this case, by being cheap and not wanting to spend big money on a pool pump, i was throwing away hundreds of dollars a year. I figure one of these pumps will pay for itself in less than 3 years. I wish I had switched sooner.

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