Swimming pool Vacuum Poles

Most swimming pool retail stores sell only one type of vacuum pole for pools. They are usually aluminum and cheap. For the $15-$20 spent on them they last a season or two before they bend or break. As a swimming pool service person I vacuum and skim a few dozen pools every week during the season.

Swimming pool Vacuum Poles

The two poles I use (one for skimming and one for vacuuming) are each over ten years old. The vacuum poles I use are made of fiberglass. They are made to bend and flex without breaking. The average fiberglass swimming pool vacuum pole will cost around $50-$60 but will probably be the last one you’ll buy.

If I used aluminum vac poles, I would be replacing at least one a week to keep up with all the bent and broken poles I would have. Do yourself a favor, save money in the long run, and next time you need a vacuum pole for your swimming pool, purchase a fiberglass one. If you cannot find a retailer that carries them, contact a local swimming pool professional to order one for you.

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