Swimming pool vacuum heads

The biggest complaint I hear from pool owners about servicing their own pools is how long it takes to vacuum. Most swimming pool owners use a traditional vinyl liner vac head. This would be a triangle-shaped head with brushes along its edges instead of wheels.

Anyone who has used one of these knows that as it is moved across the bottom of a swimming pool, the brushes push the dirt or algae into a cloud in front of the vacuum not allowing the suction to pick up all the debris. The other problem with these types of swimming pool vac heads is that they are too light and tend to float up as they are pushed away from the user.

Swimming pool vacuum heads


The best advice I can give is to use what the industry refers to as a concrete swimming pool vacuum head. A concrete vac head has wheels that are similar to roller skate wheels, but smaller. This allows the vac head to roll over dirt and debris instead of pushing it. Most of these vac heads are also weighted to keep them from floating off the bottom of the pool.

This means that the vac head can roll smoothly and quickly across a swimming pool bottom while picking up dirt and debris. If you go to a big box pool store, the 19-year-old kid working the swimming pool accessories aisle is going to tell you that a concrete pool vac head cannot be used in a vinyl liner swimming pool because it will tear the liner. I personally have been servicing swimming pools for 22 years and during this time have vacuumed hundreds of pools, thousands of times. Not once have I ever damaged a liner with a concrete vac head.

If it takes you an hour to vacuum your swimming pool with a triangle brush vac head, switching to a concrete vac head will cut that time down to around 15 min. leaving you with more time to enjoy your pool.

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