Swimming pool heater tip

Most in-ground pools have a heater on them. A lot of above-ground pools have heaters on them. This post is going to seem silly to some but to others, it will make sense and possibly be helpful. Swimming pool heaters are very simple to operate, turn it on to a set temp and let it go.

Most people get this. This post is for the people that don’t get it. I have found over the years that many people don’t get how their heaters work. I have shown up at houses for a service call or weekly service and find the swimming pool water at 104 degrees. I always turn the heater down because I assume it was a mistake. When I speak to the homeowners it’s always the same story, “I forgot I left it on”.

Swimming pool heater tip

After speaking to a few of these people I found out what is happening. They are under the assumption that if they turn the heater all the way up it will heat the pool water faster. This is incorrect. The heater will increase the temp of the water at the same speed whether it is at max temp or not. In simple terms, if your pool water is at 70 degrees and you want it at 80 degrees, turning the thermostat to 100 degrees will not get the water to 80 degrees any faster than setting it to 80 degrees. Setting the heater at a higher level only means it will stop heating at the higher set temp.

The best example I can give is the thermostat in your house. Where you set it only affects how warm it gets, not how fast it gets warm. A swimming pool heater is the same way. Like I said, for those of you who get it, this is not a big deal but I’ve seen this happen too many times and thought it deserved a few minutes of my time to point this problem out.

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