Repairing broken hot tub plumbing

In this post, I am going to give some advice about how to repair broken plumbing in a hot tub. This advice is not about a traditional repair like cutting out the broken piece and replacing it. This is in response to a question posed by David in the question section of this site. The question was about how to repair a hot tub with broken plumbing where there’s not enough room to cut out a section of pipe.

These would be areas just before or after pumps or manifolds. Manifolds are where the large plumbing from a pump reduces down to several smaller lines on their way to the hot tub jets. These areas are very hard to repair without cutting out many connections and many lines. One cracked manifold with 8 lines coming from it could cost upwards of $300.00 in parts and labor to repair.

Not only does the manifold have to be cut out but also the 8 lines coming from it have to be cut, coupled, extensions added, and reconnected to the new manifold. Replacing a broken line in a hot tub just before or after a pump can also be quite expensive. If the break goes through a coupler or pump union it can be tricky to get this lined up for reconnection. And then you have to hope that you are able to find the pump union you need. This is not a part that can be bought at a hardware store.

Repairing broken hot tub plumbing

What I’m going to do now is something I don’t usually do on this site. That is to suggest a product by name. The reason I am going to do this is that there is no other product that does what this can do. The product that I use to fix broken plumbing on hot tubs and swimming pools is Plast-aid®. Since I found this product several years ago I have never been in my service truck without it.Plast-aid® has allowed me to make many repairs over the years by simply cleaning the area to be repaired and applying this product.

Plast-aid® is a two-part system, liquid, and powder, that gets mixed into a paste and applied to the broken pipe. On a hot tub, repairing a pump union or manifold instead of cutting out and replacing them saves my customers a lot of money. If I can do the repair in 1 hour instead of several hours and not have to install new parts my customers appreciate this. This product also makes the repairs permanent. The repaired area almost seems stronger than the original pipe. I have also used Plast-aid® to fix cracks on the wet ends of hot tub pumps that have frozen. This allows me to get a hot tub working right away instead of having parts shipped in.

So to answer your question David, yes there is a way to fix the plumbing close to the pump on your hot tub without cutting out and replacing the union. If you clean the area to be repaired well and apply it properly, this product should save you a lot of time and money.

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