How often should spa water be changed?

It’s that time of year when people come into my store and are having serious water issues with their hot tub. Mid-winter is when I get a lot of new customers that have never been in my store before that come in to get advice on water chemistry. Some have cloudy water or their hot tub just has a strange smell to it, like a strong chemical type odor or a musty smell.

How often should spa water be changed

A simple fix to these problems is usually to add a larger dose than normal of a nonchlorine shock, clean the spas’ filters, and to rebalance the tubs sanitizer and PH levels. This will work short-term but what really needs to be done is to drain the hot tub and start over with fresh water. Mid-winter in a cold climate is not the time to do that. That’s why I tell all of my customers to drain their hot tub 2 times a year. Once going into winter and once coming out of winter. In a colder climate I would say drain and refill your hot tub in October and again in March.

This will prevent wastes from overtaking your hot tubs water and leaving you with cloudy or smelly water in January and having drag out a hose in 10-degree weather to drain and fill your tub. Most chemical manufacturers recommend changing the water in a hot tub every three months. If you choose to do this or are able to do this that’s fine. I have found its just not necessary.

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