Hot Tub Sanitization: Ozone

The main mistake hot tub owners make in regards to ozone is thinking that it is a standalone sanitizer. In other words, an ozone generator is the only source of sanitizer they need in their hot tub. This is incorrect. Ozone is to be used in conjunction with another form sanitizer such as bromine. Ozone allows you to operate your hot tub at bromine level of 1ppm instead of 2ppm. That’s it. That’s all it does. This is just my opinion, but in my over 20 years of hot tub service, Ozone generators aren’t worth the money you spend on them.

One interesting fact that sales people won’t tell you when buying a new hot tub is that most ozone generators only produce ozone for 18 to 24 months. I have had customers tell me that they think that their ozonater is not working in their tub. The first question I ask is the age of the tub. The usual response is somewhere between 4 to 8 years. That’s when I ask them if they noticed the point at which their ozonater stopped working.

No one ever does. At that point, I explain that it hasn’t been producing ozone for several years and that I can replace it if they want (for around $295.00) but I don’t recommend it. I don’t want to sell something that has done so little for them that they didn’t even know it had stopped working.

My company would make more money if I just kept my mouth shut and sold the ozonaters but I would rather be honest with my customers and give my opinion that they’re not going to come anywhere close to saving them the money that they’ll spend on them. If a hot tub owner has to have an ozone generator I will always suggest buying one that is serviceable. This means able to be taken apart and cleaned several times a year. These models cost quite a bit more and won’t work any better than non-serviceable models, just longer. Almost all ozonaters that are standard on new hot tubs are equipped with the cheaper non-serviceable models to keep down the price of the tub.

Finally, a common mistake made by hot tub owners and some dealers is the use of mineral cartridge or mineral sanitizer with ozone. Don’t use them together! They do the exact same thing. You could put five mineral packs in your hot tub and five ozone generators and it will give the same result as one ozonater or one mineral cartridge separately. It won’t hurt you or tub to use them together, just your wallet.  So if you absolutely need an ozonater don’t make the mistake of purchasing a mineral sanitizer with it.

These are just my opinions on this subject. My knowledge comes from over twenty years in this industry. Other service professionals may disagree with these statements. My suggestion is to speak with several service people and come to your own conclusions. My company is all about educating my customers and saving them money. This keeps them coming back to me for what will hopefully be a lifetime relationship.

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