Chlorine Feeders

One of the most important factors in swimming pool care is keeping a constant level of chlorine in the pool. The easiest way to do this is by using a chlorine feeder. A chlorine feeder dispenses chlorine into a pool by eroding trichlor tablets as water runs past them.

By running your swimming pool filter 24/7 there is a constant flow of chlorine entering the pool. Chlorine feeders have a dial on them that can be adjusted to maintain a constant level of 3-4ppm. On average it will take about a week to fine-tune a chlorine feeder to dispense the proper amount. Once it is set correctly, all that will have to be done is to fill it and leave it alone. Depending on the size of the swimming pool, a full feeder will last several weeks before having to be refilled. Some swimming pools that I maintain on a weekly basis only need to be refilled every 5 or 6 weeks. This means that your pool will always have the proper level of chlorine in it.

Chlorine Feeders

This is a huge help for families that go on vacation. Now they can leave for a week or more and not have to return to a green or cloudy swimming pool. Chlorine being fed into a pool 24/7 will also save money by eliminating the need to purchase extra shock and clarifiers to clear a cloudy pool. If you do choose to purchase a chlorine feeder for your swimming pool, read all instructions and remember that only tri-color should be used in chlorine feeders unless stated otherwise. An average residential chlorine feeder will cost between $60-$90 but it will pay for itself in less chemical usage and less time lost swimming because of a cloudy or green pool.

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