I am a swimming pool and hot tub service person that has been in this industry for more than 20 years. I started out years ago assembling above-ground pools and installing in-ground pool liners. Over the years I worked for several swimming pool and hot tub companies. About 12 years ago I decided to go out on my own. We started out as a home-based pool and spa service company and eventually opened a retail pool and spa store. It is a small company run by my wife and me. We have several part-time employees but I am still on every service job. I do not claim to know everything about swimming pools and hot tubs, I don’t.

But what I do have is 22 years of experience in this industry. I have seen and learned a lot in this time. I am still learning every day. Some of the knowledge I do have I am now putting into this site to help swimming pool and hot tub owners with their questions or problems by giving my opinion or advice on some subjects. This is not a sales site or a way for me to promote my business or sell my products.

I already have a store where we sell hot tubs and swimming pool supplies. We sell only one brand of the hot tub and only one brand of pool and spa chemicals. After many years of using different products and servicing all makes and models of tubs, I sell what I consider to be the best. However, I will not use this site as a forum for me to push products that are sold in my store. This site is for information. For you to use my experiences, if choose to do so, to find the products that are right for you.

This site may in the future have some advertising placed on it trying to get you to purchase products from other sites. I do not endorse or object to any of these products or services. I’m just here to give my opinions and to talk about my experiences in the swimming pool and hot tub industry. Any of these products or services may be the greatest thing on the market or worst. I’m not here to push anything. I am here to teach.

In our store, we have found that educating customers is the way to do business. I would rather spend an hour with a customer explaining how and most importantly why to use certain chemicals than to sell them a box of chemicals and send them out the door. Most people appreciate this. When they understand how their pool or spa works, it is easier and cheaper to take care of. I can provide something that the “big box” stores usually cannot, hands-on knowledge.

If this site or any article in it helps you, let me know. If there is anything else you would like to see on this site let me know. Please excuse any grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors, I’m not a writer, I’m just a pool and spa guy.