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Weekly swimming pool Maintenance

The easiest, cheapest, and least time consuming way to maintain a swimming pool is to service it weekly. You may think that if you’re not using a swimming pool that it does not require attention. I know plenty of pool owners who think this way. Why should I clean my pool or keep up with the chemicals if I’m not using it? These are the same people that come to me the day before or same day of a party they are having and want a magic cure to clear their green or cloudy swimming pool. At that point the only thing to clear the pool is extra doses of pool shock and time to filter, usually at least overnight. Now you are stuck dumping extra chemicals into the pool and having to brush, vacuum, and clean the filter constantly all in hopes it will be ready in time for the party. A price cannot be put on green pool on an 85 degree 4th of July day.

To avoid all the lost time, stress, and extra chemical cost, clean and adjust your swimming pool weekly. Keeping the chlorine at a constant level will help keep your water clear. Check the filter and backwash if needed (or clean the cartridges), this will keep the water flowing and filtering at the correct rates. Vacuum the pool to remove any dirt and debris from the bottom. Add a sequestering agent weekly to control staining and scale. A dose of shock and clarifier to grab the small particles and finally a maintenance dose of algaecide. Don’t wait for algae to form to use algaecide. It is easier to prevent algae than to remove it.

That’s it. 30-45 minutes a week to have a swimming pool that is ready to use when you are. No more last minute trips to the pool store. No more extra pool chemicals or cost for a fast clean up. And most importantly, no more lost days of swimming. The season is too short to lose more days to a green or cloudy pool.

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