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Vacuuming to waste

The fastest way to remove dirt and debris from a swimming pool bottom is to vacuum to waste. If the pool you are vacuuming has heavy sediment on the bottom, either dirt or dead algae, you don’t want to suck all that gunk into your filter. If you do, two things are going to happen. First, the filter is going to clog very quickly. Every pass across the pool with the vacuum is going to slow down water flow through the filter which in turn will reduce suction. This can make the process of cleaning your pool take hours. The second thing is you will have to either backwash your filter or clean filter cartridge several times during this process. If you have a DE filter not only will this be time consuming but also costly.

Vacuuming to waste eliminates all of these problems. The only disadvantage is you will lose several inches of water from your pool. If your swimming pool filter has a multi-port valve, switch it to the waste port, hook up the vacuum and backwash hoses, and vacuum like normal. Most sand and DE pool filters have a multi-port valve. If you have a cartridge filter, remove the cartridge and the drain plug from the back of the filter tank. Take the plug from the back of the tank and use it to close the return inlet back to the pool. Now hook a hose to the tank and vacuum.

Some above ground pool filters have a waste port between the pump and the filter. Turn the valve; hook up a hose and your all set.

The main thing you are trying to accomplish is removing all the gunk from the swimming pool as fast as possible while not putting it into the filter. Vacuuming to waste pulls the water and gunk from pools bottom into the pump and discharges it out to your yard or street keeping it from ever retuning to the pool. Your filter won’t clog. You won’t lose suction. You won’t have to clean or backwash your filter and the vacuuming process will take a fraction of the time.

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