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Pre pool opening tip (mesh cover)

Refill your floating chlorine dispenser in early spring for an easier pool opening

   Spring is approaching quickly and soon it will be warm. If you own an in-ground swimming pool with a mesh safety cover, the longer days and warmer tempatures can make your pool opening much more difficult. Mesh safety covers are what I recomend for closing an in-ground pool but they do have one inconvienit thing about them. Heat and most importantly light can get through the cover and cause algae growth. If you have a solid cover over your swimming pool you won’t have this problem. Light can’t get through. If you closed your pool correctly it should be sparkling clear in the spring. A mesh safety cover in my expirence is hit or miss. Sometimes it will be clear other times so green you can’t see the bottom. An early opening date will usually be a clear pool and a later opening date not so clear. This is usually because of the pool sitting in the sun for a longer period of time. The chemicals that were added in the fall at the pool closing have started to wear off and cloudiness and algae are taking over. What I am going to suggest is somthing I try to do to all my pools that I open in the spring. I try to get to all of them by the middle of April and put chlorine in them. What this does is stops anything from growing in the swimming pool. This means that when you open your pool several weeks later it should still be crystal clear. If you are going to add chlorine to your pool remember not to add liquid chlorine. Liquid chlorine is heavier than water and will sink to the bottom of the pool and not sanitze anything. You will want to add either tablet chlorine or a non-chlorine powdered shock. The way I do it with the pools that I service is to pull back a corner of the cover and take out the chlorine floater that I filled in the fall at the pool closing and refill it with tablets. 

   By taking a few minutes in early spring to prevent an algae filled pool in May will save you a lot of time and money on chemicals. Not having to dump in cases of liquid chlorine and algaecide to clear your swimming pool or having to scrub and vacuum it for weeks to clean it up will make sure your pool season is off to a good start. Remember, you have a pool so you can relax, not so you can spend hours getting frustrated trying to get it clean. I hope this tip helps you get swimming sooner with less stress and less money spent.

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