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Pool opening (in-ground)

The first step to open an in-ground pool is to remove the cover. If a solid pool cover was used (one water doesn’t go through) you will have to add water to the pool before starting the filter system. If a mesh safety cover was used (one water goes through) the water should already be high enough to start the filter. After removing the cover, test the water and start the filter system. Now the opening chemicals can be added. Depending on water clarity, add the appropriate amount of shock, clarifier, and always add a sequestering agent to prevent staining and scaling. If the bottom of the swimming pool is visible, go ahead and vacuum out any sediment or debris. If the pool is to green or cloudy to see the bottom, shock and filter the pool overnight, clean or backwash the filter, and continue this process as many days as needed until water is clear. If the filter is backwashed or cleaned and chlorine levels are kept up, this should take at the most a few days to clear an extremely green or cloudy swimming pool. DO NOT brush or try to vacuum a swimming pool bottom that you cannot see! All that will happen is that you will stir up the sediment on the bottom into suspension. This will add days to the filtering process. When the water is clear, if there is a lot of debris on the bottom, vacuum it to waste so the filter doesn’t clog, then add chlorine to proper level, adjust PH, alkalinity, and you’re ready to swim.

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  1. I have an in-ground pool and every spring when I open my pool it’s green. how much chlorine should I add to start my pool? I don’t want to add to much cause I heard it could ruin my liner, but I don’t want to add to little and have to wait forever for my pool to clean up. Help.

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