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Pool opening (above ground)

Most above ground pool openings are simple. Hopefully the pool being opened was closed properly. This makes opening it easy. An above ground pool that has been closed correctly will have one of two cover types on it, a solid cover or a mesh safety cover. Most above ground swimming pools will have the first type, a solid cover. This means that the cover will not let rain, snow, or debris through the cover into the pool. To open an aboveground swimming pool with a solid cover the first step is to drain the water off the top of the cover. The next step is a little tricky. The cover must be removed from the pool without letting any water or debris spill from it into the pool. The reason this is so important is that if the pool was closed properly the water under the cover should be crystal clear. Contaminating the water will just add to the time and amount of chemicals used to open the pool. After removing the pool cover, the swimming pool equipment can be connected to the pool. Once all hoses are attached to the pump, filter, heater, and pool, fill it to the proper level. When the water reaches the correct level, add your opening chemicals and start filtering.

The process for a mesh safety cover is basically the same. However, a mesh cover lets water through it. There may be some algae or sediment in the bottom of the pool because a mesh cover will let some light and small particles through it. This may require extra shock and extra filtering to clear the pool, and possibly a quick vacuum to get the pool looking perfect.

Depending on the swimming pools water clarity, the opening process of an above ground pool can be as short as an hour or as long as several days. If the pool was not closed properly with the correct chemicals the pool could look like pea soup when the cover is removed in the spring. This will means lots of chemicals and days of filtering and backwashing or cleaning the filter. If the pool was closed properly you should open the cover to sparkling clear water and be able to enjoy the pool instead of having to work on it.

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