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Patching Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

Underwater vinyl adhesive

 Most vinyl liner swimming pools at some point will develop a leak. Whether it is from something sharp poking its way through from underneath the liner or somthing  like a toy or more common, a vac pole without a vac head or brush on it used to retrieve an item from the pool bottom.  It will happen. Once you find the hole, now you have to patch it. This can be done under water. There is no need to drain the pool. (please read “don’t drain a vinyl liner pool” under “pools”) Swimming pool glue is made to be used under water. The most popular brand of under water glue for patching pool liners is made by boxer. If you shop at a “big box” pool store the patch kit you are going to find is either going to be a self adhering patch that you peel and stick a thin piece of plastic over the hole, or a slightly thicker piece of clear vinyl that comes with under water glue that you cut, apply glue, and stick on. Both of these options will probably work short term. If you are looking for a permanent fix, head to your local pool store and ask them how they would patch a hole in a vinyl liner swimming pool. You will get the same response you would get in my store. Use a piece of a pool liner and under water glue and make your own patch. This way you are making a patch that is the same material as your liner. I would go to my box of liner samples from previous years, find the closest match to your liner pattern, cut you a few pieces, get you a can of glue and tell you how to do it yourself. when cutting the patches, always make the patches round or round the corners. this will keep the edges from peeling up. To patch a hole on the bottom of a swimming pool, hold the patch in your hand, apply a generous amount or glue to the patch, fold it like a taco, dive down holding the patch upside down(so the glue doesn’t float out) and press it to the hole. Use your fingers to seat the patch properly by pressing down and making sure it is attached across the whole surface to the liner. This type of repair should last as long as the liner does. You will be able to vacuum an brush your pool without fear of the patch coming off.

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  1. A Step repair man accidentally sprayed an Expanding Injection Foam chemical (resin ??/epoxy??) on to my pool water. Six or more hours later the chemical reacted and produced a yellow line on the vinyl liner at the water level when re-filling the pool was suspended over-night. As well , many finger prints were on the steps and many foot prints on the vinyl bottom near the steps..Could I glue 1″ or 2″ Strips 4 ft to 6 ft along the water line stains and either one large or several small round cover-up patches on the pool bottom?????

    Oakville Ont

    • it is possible but might look worse than the yellow line. I would try and find a solvent that would remove it but not damage the liner. Good luck.

  2. does this have to be applied under water or can it be used above water. I found a cut in my pool liner that is above the water line from lowering my pool for the winter. do I have to fill it up to the cut or should I patch it dry?

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