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In ground mesh safety covers

Large dog and child on an in-ground pool demonstrating how safe these covers are.

In my opinion, this is the cover you want on your swimming pool. It’s the safest, best looking, and easiest to put on and take off. A mesh safety cover is one that will let water through itself, but nothing else. When it is fitted on your pool it will resemble a trampoline. Most mesh safety covers have at least 4000lb. burst strength. This means that any children, pets or wild animals that may end up on the cover will not fall through.


The best example I can give of how safe this type of cover is that I have a customer with a teenage son who is skateboarder. He decided one day that it would be a good idea for him and several of his friends to ride their skateboards off the diving board onto the mesh pool cover I had installed several days before. I had explained to his mother that the new cover would look like a trampoline over the swimming pool. Something obviously got lost in translation because her son used the cover as a trampoline. She called me the next day to tell me what her son had done. When I got to her house to check the cover, the only problem I found was 2 slightly bent springs. Even with 4 teenagers jumping off the diving board with their skateboards onto the cover, it held up perfectly.


Besides being the safest swimming pool covers, mesh safety covers are also the easiest to install in the fall and remove in the spring. Unlike solid pool covers, mesh safety covers do not require weights to hold them in place. They have brass anchors that sit flush in the pool deck until they are screwed to an upright position. The cover, by use of springs, is stretched tight over the swimming pool on the anchors. The process of installing the cover takes about 5-10 minutes. Removing the pool cover and screwing down the anchors takes about the same amount of time. The quick on and off time makes this cover a great thing to have if you were to go on vacation during the pool season. You could secure your swimming pool in a matter of minutes and know that no animals, people, or debris will be able to get in.


If safety or ease of use doesn’t appeal to you, the fact that your pool won’t look like a pond for half the year might. A mesh pool cover will make your yard look nice and clean. Solid pool covers hold thousands of gallons of water and all the leaves, grass clippings, and dead animals that fall into the pool from fall till spring. A mesh cover allows any leaves, grass, or garbage that falls on the cover to simply blow away.

If you have an in ground pool, make your yard safer and better looking. Get a mesh safety cover for your swimming pool!

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  1. How are the anchors installed in the deck? are they drilled in? if so will this crack my concrete deck?

    • Yes they are drilled in the deck. they are driven into 3/4 inch holes that are 2 – 3 inches deep. If the holes are drilled properly there will be no cracking or chipping.

  2. I have two children and have a safety cover on my in-ground pool. I would fill in my pool before I would own one without a safety cover. Dustin P, don’t look into buying one, BUY ONE! You can’t put a price on what you’re trying to protect.

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