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Hot Tub Replacement Covers

The first component of your hot tub that you will have to replace due to normal wear and tear is its cover. Most manufacturers put the cheapest cover they can find on the new tubs they sell. They also usually have a short warranty. This is done to keep the initial cost of the tub down at purchase. So what this means for you is that at some point between years one and three you’ll more than likely be purchasing a replacement cover. You can expect to pay somewhere between $250.00 and $650.00 for your new cover.

The least expensive option is going to be an internet purchase from an online retailer most likely in another state. This will be a cover that you won’t see until it is at your home, and at that point, too late to do anything about any possible problems. If there is a problem such as a tear or improper fit, you are stuck with the shipping charge to get the problem corrected. That’s not going to be cheap for something that is 8ft x 4ft and weighs almost 50lbs. The more expensive option is going to be heading to your local hot tub dealer and ordering a custom made cover that will fit your tub precisely. I am all about saving money for my customers, so it might sound strange for me to tell you that in this situation the better cover choice is the more expensive custom cover. The differences between the two choices, besides price, are going to be fit, thickness of the cover including taper, and most importantly the method in which the foam inside the cover is sealed.

The most noticeable difference between the two cover types is how the cover fits on the tub. The way a cover fits on a hot tub isn’t just for looks. A cover that fits properly on a tub with proper skirt length will hold the heat where it belongs, in the tub. Your local hot tub dealer should be able to measure for you. When a hot tub doesn’t have to recover lost heat from an improper fitting cover, its pumps and heater will run less which saves money in electricity cost.

Next, the thickness and taper of a replacement cover are also important. A less expensive cover will usually not be thick enough to retain heat properly. Example, a cover that is only 2in. thick will not insulate as well as a cover that is 5in. thick. Think of it as a light spring jacket will not keep you as warm as a heavy winter coat. The taper or slope of a cover doesn’t really help with insulation, its purpose is to help make your cover last longer. A cover that tapers from 2in. in the center to 1in. on the edge will allow water to puddle on the cover and will not be strong enough to hold any weight. In areas of the country that get snow or heavy rains this is important. A cover with a larger taper and proper thickness will have water roll off itself and be able to support the weight from even the deepest snow. In my many years of hot tub service the cover that seems to work the best is one that is 5in. thick in the center tapering down to 3in. This will keep the cold out, heat in, and be sloped enough to remove all water from its surface which will extend the covers life.

Finally, the most important feature to look for when purchasing a replacement cover for your hot tub is the method that is used to seal the plastic that protects the foam in the cover. Before buying the cover be sure to ask what the thickness of the plastic covering is and how it is bonded together to seal in the foam. The problem with cheaper hot tub covers is they gain water weight. I have removed covers off tubs that have weighed over 300lbs. They had to be cut in half so I could get them to my truck to dispose of them. Most of these were the original covers from when the tub was new. The cheaper replacement covers are made the same way as most covers on new tubs are made. Some manufacturers will tape the plastic around the foam inside the cover to save money. In the warm moist environment of a hot tub, the tape releases and the foam in the cover now turns into a sponge. It usually won’t be long until you can’t lift the cover. If you have a cover lifter on your tub it will not support the extra weight and will bend or break off the tub. You want to purchase a cover that has heat sealed seams and a heavy mil plastic protecting the foam. This will keep moisture out which will enable you to get many years of service out of your cover.

Hopefully with these points you can see why I would suggest a more expensive custom cover measured by a professional, than a less expensive model. With the cheaper cover you may save some money up front, but in the long run, a properly made cover that fits your hot tub will last longer and save you money for years to come.

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