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Hot tub filter maintenance

Filter on left is 2 years old but was cleaned weekly. Filter on right is 8 months old and was never cleaned.

A common question asked by hot tub owners is how often the filter should be cleaned and what should be used to clean it. This is an important question because proper care of the filter will extend its life. The average spa filter costs between $35.00 and $85.00 with the most expensive retailing over $100.00. Having that filter last as long as possible is a good thing.

How often you clean your spa filter is going to depend on usage. If you’re only using the hot tub once or twice a week then cleaning the filter every other week is sufficient. If your tub is being used several times a week, then cleaning the filter weekly is the way to go.

Cleaning the filter is simple. Use a garden hose with a sharp nozzle and holding it at a 45 degree angle, rinse the cartridge from top to bottom. Take care to clean inside all the pleats as this is where the most dirt and calcium build-up will be. If all build-up is not removed by water alone then a spray on cleaner or an overnight soaking cleaner may be needed.

A spray on cleaner is the easiest to use. Spray it on. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse it away. The other type of filter cleaner is a soaking cleaner. These work well for heavily soiled spa filters. Most of these cleaners are added to warm water in a plastic bucket and the filter is to soak overnight. The next day remove the cartridge and rinse it off.

Following these instructions on filter maintenance will allow your hot tubs filter to work more efficiently, saving money on chemicals and your filters life to be longer saving you money by not having to replace them as often. Remember the more you clean them, the longer they will last.

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  1. I’ve heard thats its ok to put my spa filter in my dishwasher to clean it. Is this ok?

  2. I’ve heard that using muriatic acid to clean hot tub filters works well. Should it be poured on or soaked in?

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