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Clogged hot tub plumbing

Tub rinse is used to keep plumbing free of organics,oils,dirt,and minerals

If your hot tub is several years old a problem you might be experiencing is lack of flow through your jets. It may seem as if your pumps have lost power and are not giving the same massage they did in the past. The pumps are probably fine and working harder than ever. The problem is that the plumbing in your spa is clogged. The inside walls of your tubs plumbing will get coated with minerals, oils, and organic wastes. This build up will slow the flow of the water back to the spa. Over time this can get so severe that some of the jets will stop working. This puts unnecessary stress on the tubs pumps, and with less flow makes your hot tub experience less enjoyable. Since you can’t just open the plumbing and clean the inside, you’ll need a product that can do it for you. Without using any brand names, the product you will want to get is one that will “eat away” at all the debris inside the plumbing. Most spa chemical manufacturers produce such a product. The normal application for most of these products is to first remove the filter from the tub. Next, add the recommended dosage of the product and turn on all pumps for fifteen minutes. Then disconnect the power to the tub and let it sit for one hour. After the hour has passed reconnect the power and turn on all pumps for fifteen minutes again. This will flush all the wastes out of the plumbing. Now drain the spa, flushing with water to remove all particles. When you are finished, refill the tub, and install the filter and your ready to go. All jets should be working and your tub should be moving water and massaging like it did when it was new.

I don’t advise waiting until you have a problem to use a product like this. Normal maintenance on a hot tub is to drain and clean it two to three times a year. To prevent plumbing lines from clogging, I suggest treating your tub with this product every time you are going drain and clean your tub. If it is a normal part of your tubs maintenance schedule, it will be simple to keep the hot tubs plumbing running properly and problem free. Consult your local hot tub professional to find out which product you should use.

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